Cisco’s Rocco

  Do you remember your first car?  What about your first stereo?  Did you have a sweet install or some box with some 12″ subs that you got from the local pawn shop?  Do you even remember?  After all, we’re not all car people.  As you can probably guess, I remember very clearly what mine were.

  Well some of us would have been pretty lucky to have this 1986 VW Scirocco as our first car.

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Tony’s ///M Coupe

  A month ago, a local car show known as wasser wagens (pronounced vasser vagens), held its 2nd annual event at Austin VeeDub.  This show had an assortment of Euro cars, special musical guests, a car limbo and aside from the locals we had attendees from the surrounding areas like Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.  Even Jon “Hammer” Hanna was flown in to get some snaps and have a good ol’ Texas time!

  This was also Jason Marble Designs debut and therefore helped sponsor the show and provide behind the scenes support.  Being part of that event was a great experience that benefited from not only making new friends, but allowed many show goers to discuss their ideas with me.

  One such person and friend was Tony Jajou.  He had registered for the show and approached me about his current set up in his super rare Evergreen M Coupe.

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Marble’s New Install | VW GTI

  Well, I had only planned on completing a new install in the GTI at the end of this year, but obtained an AVIC D3 from a good friend for next to nothing.

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Zach’s VW GTI | The Original JMD Install…

…was recently sold and installed into Zach Cantu’s 2010 GTI.  A few months ago Zach had ridden with me on a local GTG and after listening and feeling the Kicker setup he knew he wanted it.  Well a few months and after saving up the greenbacks, he was ready to purchase and have the setup installed.  After removing his old setup, cleaning up the wiring, and getting the enclosure installed Zach left with a huge smile on his face.

  Mission complete.


Joe’s VW Passat

  I was approached by friend, Joe Castro, about creating an install for his bagged Passat after he previously saw Morio’s ’01 Audi TT custom install I completed.

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Morio’s Audi TT

  After completing the Kicker install I custom designed and built for my MKVI GTI, I was approached by a good friend who wanted to discuss an install for his MKI Audi TT.

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Marble’s VW GTI


  I was itching to add something to my recently purchased 2011 MKVI GTI and had an old Kicker L5 8″ square sub from a previous project car.  Having a degree in mechanical engineering took me into CAD software to start creating.

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