Marble’s New Install | VW GTI

  Well, I had only planned on completing a new install in the GTI at the end of this year, but obtained an AVIC D3 from a good friend for next to nothing.

  Sure it’s a little older model, but an upgrade from the stock head unit nonetheless.  It’s a DVD Navigation unit and, with the parking brake bypass modification, will allow video in motion.  I also purchased the SIRIUS unit for this model to transfer my current subscription to the satellite provider.  I chose not to purchase the Bluetooth unit for the AVIC D3, but may possibly do that in the future if moved to the wife’s GLI, which has yet to receive a Jason Marble Designs install.

  After purchasing the AVIC D3, my OCD would not allow me to install with my previous Kicker gear so saved up funds to purchase a Pioneer amp and sub.  Also, I needed to purchase an OEM to aftermarket wiring harness and chose the PAC C2R-VW2.

  Getting closer to installing all the new gear I found that the Pioneer power harness for the AVIC had been modified and required the purchase of another to work correctly in the MKVI chassis with CAN-BUS.

  After a little time with the soldering iron, heat shrink, and friction tape, the result is factory fresh.

  Knowing that I would be upgrading further down the road, I removed the previous Kicker 8 AWG amp wiring kit I installed and replaced it with a Stinger 4 AWG kit.  This was a complete kit that included power wire, ground wire, remote wire and interconnect cables (RCAs) along with assorted lugs/ fittings.  I ran the wiring kit to accommodate the new amp location for the Pioneer GM-D7500M, an 800 Watt peak / 400 Watt RMS amp used to run a Pioneer 10″ TS-W259D4.

  I had some ideas floating around in my head after my first install that I wanted to execute in the GTI to show design capabilities and something that I had not yet seen, but something I had sketched out previously.  But first, the new sub enclosure was not going to include the amp, I had to come up with something equally as nifty.

  Enter in a rear seat center mounted amp.

  I created a custom mounting rack and attached to the center recess for the arm rest.  This prompted me to remove the rear center head rest and seat belt/ clip to turn this 5 seater GTI into only 4.  I used leather as the surround to match the steering wheel, shift boot, e-brake handle and the custom iPhone docking station I also designed and fabricated that replaces the front center cup holder.

  Each of the front door cards in the GTI already have cup holders, so replacing the center mounted cup holders wasn’t going to be an issue…except for learning that you no longer have center mounted cup holders.  Ha!  The positioning of the iPhone allows for easy viewing, and allows for hands free use, even without Bluetooth.  The pictures are of the prototype iPhone dock that is currently in my GTI, and therefore appears a little “rough.”  This is due to the nature of the materials used in the construction of the piece.  Moving forward, custom docks will include foam material that will “absorb” the hard contours of the dock and required cable.

  Last but certainly not least, I give to you a custom rear deck mounted sub woofer enclosure…

  This new design allows better use of the trunk floor, access to the under floor compartments, tools and the spare.  As you can see from the above pic, there were quite a few steps in creating such a piece, rather pieces.  There’s the enclosure itself, a sealed design specifically for the Pioneer sub, and then the rear deck that replaces the factory rear parcel tray with recesses that mimic the stock piece.  Both work in unison and complete the rear hatch and this install.

  Mission complete.