Tony’s ///M Coupe

  A month ago, a local car show known as wasser wagens (pronounced vasser vagens), held its 2nd annual event at Austin VeeDub.  This show had an assortment of Euro cars, special musical guests, a car limbo and aside from the locals we had attendees from the surrounding areas like Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.  Even Jon “Hammer” Hanna was flown in to get some snaps and have a good ol’ Texas time!

  This was also Jason Marble Designs debut and therefore helped sponsor the show and provide behind the scenes support.  Being part of that event was a great experience that benefited from not only making new friends, but allowed many show goers to discuss their ideas with me.

  One such person and friend was Tony Jajou.  He had registered for the show and approached me about his current set up in his super rare Evergreen M Coupe.

  Tony’s M Coupe already had gear installed from Alpine, Infinity and JL Audio, but he wanted more from the install.  Tony no longer wanted the JL Audio Stealth enclosure, and really wanted a clean and custom install.  He gave me the reigns and only requested that some space remained usable for road trips.

  After removing the stock interior trim a rats nest of RCAs, factory wiring, speaker wire and excess items were revealed…unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic of said nest.  Tony had mentioned it so wasn’t a total surprise.  lol

  I knew I had my work cut out in organizing all of the required wiring for the audio gear.

  Up front we start with an Alpine CDA 117 where there are pre outs for the front stage, rear stage and sub woofer using Kicker interconnects routed back to an Alpine PDX-5.  The PDX-5 is a great addition which supplies 75 watts x 4 and a dedicated sub output of 300 watts.

  The factory wiring harness had already been cut and spliced so I just tidied it up a bit and hid the wiring that was no longer in use.  Molex connectors were used to integrate the factory harnesses, thought this was an ingenious idea and left them.  In addition to rewiring everything, I added some additional organization to the wiring with expandable wire sleeves.  I am always looking for ways to provide those details that others miss.  Quite simply I’m trying to put a touch of class into each of my installs, and Tony’s was no exception.

  A JL Audio 10W3v3 had previously resided in the rear passenger side corner, however the way that it was secured was by Velcro only and did not provide a real solid mount.  The vinyl leather was pulling, and the grill had done its job, determined by the scratches and dents in the existing grill.  However, after removal of the sub from its original enclosure, I found cosmetic damage to the cone and surround.  Needless to say, it was time for a replacement.

  After talking to Tony about the install and how presentation was everything, he agreed in purchasing a new 10W3v3.  I was able to provide the sub at an awesome price for him which made it that much easier to say “YES!”  Prior to the build, he had purchased a replacement grill and so everything looks fresh for the new install.

  False floors were created and covered to give the appearance of a factory like install, in addition I created a finishing piece that ties the enclosure into the right and left sides.  Then for that extra detail, I also built a top finishing piece wrapped in vinyl leather to mimic the upper interior panels at the base of the windows.  The grain almost matches perfectly and adds that final touch of class.

  Once the install was complete, I focused on cleaning up the M Coupe for Tony before he picked it up.  I washed up the exterior, added some tire shine, vacuumed out the interior, wiped everything down, organized the items left in the car, and even added his AC Schnitzer decal to the front lip that I found in his center console.

  As always, when delivering a vehicle back to their owner with a Jason Marble Designs custom audio solution, only smiles and handshakes seal the deal.  Tony’s arrival and M Coupe reveal was no exception, from the install, to cleaning and even the small detail of reapplying his authentic logo to the real lip.  Smiles and handshakes, smiles and handshakes.

  Mission complete.

  Thank you Tony!