Morio’s Audi TT

  After completing the Kicker install I custom designed and built for my MKVI GTI, I was approached by a good friend who wanted to discuss an install for his MKI Audi TT.

  Enter Morio Sierras, a man who has poured blood, sweat and tears into his TT.  Ranging from engine mods, air suspension, Kinesis wheels, and a BBK…he was lacking in one area: INTERIOR.

  Sure he had installed a Pioneer head unit and built a rickety false floor that completely hid his air tank and management, but it was nothing to show off.  Therefore, when he would show his car the doors and hatch would remain closed.


  After discussing a few options, I persuaded him to make a purchase of some additional Pioneer goodies which included a pair of Champion Pro Series 10″ sub woofers and a 600 Watts RMS Class D Mono amplifier.







  We discussed an idea I had for the install, and after approving a sketch of what I envisioned it was time to create the design in CAD software.







  Morio didn’t make the build any easier by keeping his TT tucked away in his garage, so countless hours and test fits resulted in the final installation you see here.

  With the completion of the install, his wife Tiffany completed the transformation of the aluminum air tank into a Jameson 12 Year canister, a favorite of Morio’s.



  All completed just a week before WekFest, I tested and adjusted the levels on the amp and head unit, so that Morio could enjoy his Barry Manilow as well as his Beastie Boys.  Making the trip to the show he brought back some hardware, more specifically the BEST AUDI award!

  Mission complete.